Soaker hose, what is soaker hose? Soaker is made from 100% recycled materials, 70% from recycled rubber and 30% recycled polyethylene products that are re-pelletized for use in the process. Mr. Soaker Hose offers the perfect delivery of water to plants, a slowly, steady release at the soil line. This ensures that water is not wasted. The slow release allows the soil around plant roots to gradually absorb the water. And the proximity of the hose to soil means that very little if any is lost to evaporation.

Mr. Soaker Hose offers 5 sizes of bulk soaker hose. Anywhere from the small ¼” soaker hose for pots and planters to our 820 od (5/8”) size that can be used in long runs up to 250’ in one piece. Five years ago we came out with “Rain Barrel Soaker Hose” which is a high output, low flow soaker hose made for rain barrels and gravity irrigation systems where pressure is an issue.

In the last 5 years we saw the need for a more diverse line of irrigation timers than what was on the market. After years of testing we offer 6 different models of “specialty timers”. These timers range from our “rain barrel timer” which requires no pressure to operate. Additional features are a solar panel to recharge 2-AA rechargeable batteries and a rain sensor to shut off the timer in case of rain. We saw the need for a simple to use “Mist Timer” that will time in seconds that attaches directly to the faucet. Some models include the solar timer and rain sensor, while others off a long life 9V battery to power the timer. Many offer a simple pre-program digital display or a simple 2 dial operation.

After 3 years of testing the "propagation mist kit" has become a 4.3 star on Amazon. New in 2016 is a slim down version, and a more colorful informative retail or online retailer box. Also, being released in April 2016 will be the propagation mist kit, with the 548 "Mist Timer" in one box. Order early as these will fly off your shelves, and keep your UPS/FedEx driver busy.

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