Mr. Soaker Hose produces 580 compression fittings that are designed to fit easily, yet snug, over .580 o.d. soaker hose and main line poly drip tubing. These black and yellow fittings have male garden hose threads on the compression ends, making them truly unique in the industry.

With the threaded ends you can turn a simple tee into a coupling, or an elbow by simply screwing on a garden hose cap. You can also screw the female adapter on to any fitting, making it easy to take the system apart. Simply by unscrewing it, as opposed to trying to pull tubing out of the compression end.

These fittings were sold by Fiskars in the 90’s and up until 2006. Made popular under different brands “Moisture Master" and "Better Homes and Garden”, these products were sold for years at many large chain stores. Mr. Soaker Hose has been making these fittings since 2008. With an increased line of fittings such as shut off valves, crosses and even a parts kit, you can customize your drip, or soaker hose system easily saving you time, money and water! 

Fittings are sold by the case.

We also have our threaded/compression fittings available for .700 and .710 tubing or soaker hose. Meaning they will work with both sizes.